Giving and receiving (peer) feedback

Seven-part video series on the use of (peer) feedback in the course "EFL Testing and Assessment (FK)"
Mag. Dr. Armin Berger, MA and Mag. Dr. Helen Heaney, BA
Department of English and American Studies
Recipients of the UNIVIE Teaching Award 2017

TEASER - Practise what you preach: Formative feedback in the classroom

Part 1 - Exemplars: Showing rather than telling

Part 2 - Reflective dialogues: Think twice!

Part 3 - Peer 'feedforward': Back to the future

Part 4 - Empirical feedback: More than just a dry run

Part 5 - Feedback to pupils: Practise what you (are) preach(ed)

Part 6 - Self assessment: giving students a say

Part 7 - Round-up: Giving/Receiving (peer) feedback